1st Time

To help you feel more comfortable I have put together information to guide you through the process so you can be reassured that what you are feeling is both normal and a typical response to this experience.  Sorry if that sounds a bit dramatic to what is essentially a simple question and answer game, but repeatedly I witness people at the end of their first game appearing what I can only describe as bemused.  I’ll try and explain why I think this is.

In the main, people never experience being really listened to by a group of people (sadly in many cases, even by one person). So when someone gets to speak on a topic for which there is no definitive answer, like ‘What are the secrets to a successful business?’ for as little or as long as they like (or not at all if they wish) without anyone interrupting, judging or commenting in any way, it can be a very disconcerting feeling.  BUT I can assure you, once you get used to it, it’s a hugely empowering experience.  Being allowed the time to think aloud and articulate your own answer, knowing no one will interrupt, is transformational.

Another unique benefit is the opportunity to hear what other people have to say from their perspective (we speak in the first person wherever possible).  This is brilliant because you get to hear such differing points of view and frequently results in me thinking ‘blimey never thought of it like that’.  Also, since I don’t know if I will get to answer the same question there is no point in me planning what to say, so I really listen, if I do get to speak I just say how it is for me.  It’s wonderful to not feel like I have to help anyone, give advice or feel any responsibility to help them.

Some time ago I easily came up with 28 reasons why I love Mojo but for this introduction, these two, thoughtful speech and active listening are the main stays. The downside (if you can call it that) is that the whole experience can shake you up a bit, one player said that it upskittled her for the rest of the day.  In my modest opinion I would say that’s a great thing, a little bit scary, yes, but change is always scary and Mojo allows you to change your mind about some of the pretty fundamental ideas we all have and, in allowing your mind to see new possibilities you find your life changing with surprising ease.

For your first few times I recommend you take it easy, take your time.  

Think of it like physical exercise if there is any discomfort feel free to stop immediately, mid sentence if you want. Nothing will happen; no one will complain or comment.  You don’t have to make any sense, YOU will understand and it really doesn’t actually matter if no one else does.

Please note there is no confidentiality agreement when playing Mojo. In my experience people naturally keep confidences and what is shared in the game stays in the game BUT there is no guarantee so if it is something you don’t want out there don’t say it.  OR say it in a way that doesn’t divulge and details.  Suggestions for this are......

'A person I know.......

'A situation happened.......

'I was angry that a colleague did something I couldn’t forgive.....

'I have a brilliant idea that’s going to make me millions .....

The group doesn’t need to know all the details and until you feel completely safe to share please don’t. It is very empowering to both not answer at all or keeping details private until YOU are ready to share.

So to summarise, it may be a bit scary and awkward to begin with but only like any new thing really, and after you have played several times you will be amazed at how good you feel after a game.



So... What actually is the Mojo Game?

Mojo is a development tool in the form of a game that focuses on self expression and creative thinking.  It has many beneficial aspects but for me the top benefit is improved self awareness.  Other players have commented on how, of all the many personal development trainings/tools they have used, Mojo is the one that lets them understand who they really are.

Practically what happens at the club?

Mojo can be played with 2-12 players.  We play in a quiet, private space with refreshment facilities and toilets.  The game consists of a talking stick, player tokens, token bag, question cards, and help cards.  Before the game starts each player chooses a pair of matching coloured tokens places one in the bag and keeps the other to remind them of their colour.

The game begins by selecting a player from the token bag and a question from the pack.  The questions are subjective so they have no right or wrong answers, just your own unique answer.  While holding the talking stick, you can talk for as little or as long as you like (or not at all) it’s totally up to you and no-one will put pressure on you whatever your choice.  When you have finished speaking, another token is chosen and the next person speaks.  If you wish to change the question, you can select a help card and this will dictate if you can pick a new question card or not. This continues for the length of the game which is usually two hours with a refreshment/comfort break in the middle.

If you have any questions your facilitator will be happy to answer before the game starts.  If it all sounds a little complicated don’t worry the facilitator will guide you through the game and it really is a lot easier than it sounds. 

I really hope you will give it a try and look forward to meeting you.


Love Helen. x