My Story by Helen

Mojo, simply put, is the finest example of continuous improvement in the workplace

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I'm the co-owner of a company which builds beautiful dream homes. Working in a male dominated company presents significant challenges, and as the men didn’t want to listen to what I was trying to say, I decided to introduce Mojo to the senior staff team.

I had been trying to get my views heard and taken seriously for years. One of my skills is my business vision, I can see solutions others can't and yet telling them details I knew they needed to hear was always such a challenge for me. If they didn’t follow my advice I would often feel like saying “I did try to tell you about this” but that always felt like sour grapes on my part.

Our staff are all brilliant at what they do individually, but I can see where problems arise because processes are not effectively linked together and so things can go wrong because it's no-ones job to stop it. I needed to find a way of getting my voice heard so that I could contribute effectively and thankfully, that's where Mojo came in.

The men were very sceptical and reluctant about how a game could possibly be beneficial but I think it's safe to say they were pleasantly surprised. In our industry people are used to being shouted at (a lot!) and being criticised even when doing their best. This firm is different, we know people are giving their best and we want to make sure that they feel supported and appreciated.

Mojo gives us all a means of sharing our concerns, ideas, thoughts and suggestions. The team really get to know each other; we don't have to guess anymore. Someone once said Mojo is a “truly grown up game” and it's true. It's not a one-off attempt at team building; it’s a smart, safe way for people to be involved and engaged with their work and their colleagues.

Mojo rules don't put pressure on anyone to perform, there are no right or wrong answers and it is perfectly acceptable to choose to say nothing. A unique feature is that everyone is equal and can say what is true for them. The boss can share their frustrations, plans, concerns, celebrations, ideas and suggestions and staff can do exactly the same, all without fear of criticism or ridicule. Truly a team bonding experience and with regular use it keeps our team close, bonded, motivated, engaged and successful.

Mojo, simply put, is the finest example of continuous improvement in the workplace.