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Mojo made me reconsider incentives for my customers

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I am rapidly approaching sixty, a self employed independent driving instructor and absolutely passionate about quality instruction for my clients.  I consider that one of the main ways to keep myself competitive and sane is by trying new things and embracing technology.   I attended a local business networking event and heard Helen explaining about the methodology of the Mojo game and, intrigued by her passion, determined to give it a go.

The very nature of my business means that customer retention is not really desirable, obviously I teach people to pass their driving test, making me particularly reliant on personal recommendations.  I have an impressive interactive website and am always seeking new ideas for marketing and publicity without necessarily having to have exploit myself.  One of the brilliant questions I picked in Mojo made me reconsider incentives for my customers and after giving this a lot of thought I have decided to offer a couple of new ideas which are great for customers and advertising alike.

Therefore on April 21st 2016 I celebrated 30 years in business with a party, complete with large `L` plate cake, friends, family and a dozen or so ex-students, now friends.  I also introduced my vouchers for a FREE 2 hour refresher lesson for students (to be taken 6 months after passing their test if trained and passed with me).  The first recipient of this was the delightful Ms Bailey who had passed her test that very day through my instruction.

This has simultaneously allowed for rather opportunistic LinkedIn and Facebook business posts, praising the success of my student, complimentary comments received regarding the benefits of refresher driver training and continued excellent publicity for my business.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mojo for anyone who is interested in seeking to be their best!