My Story by Andrea

playing Business Mojo has had extraordinary results in my workplace

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I have been playing Business Mojo in the office where I work for several weeks now, and I have been amazed at the changes made already.

At first I felt a bit embarrassed talking so openly in front of my bosses and colleagues, but as they were doing the same I soon felt quite comfortable. Surprisingly I realised we all had similar fears and doubts, but more importantly we started to discover each other’s strengths and dreams too.

To be able to talk openly about issues I had been experiencing (without comment or interruption) meant that after a year of unsuccessfully trying to make changes, within a few weeks of playing Mojo solutions were not only being found but also implemented. As a result, my self confidence has grown and I am much better at being able to recognise my own skills and abilities. I also feel more able to help others within the office as I am now more aware of the challenges they face.

The camaraderie in the office, which was always good, has just got better.