My Story by Sophie

I am recommending the Mojo Club to all my friends

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I have been coming to the business Mojo group each Tuesday since they started. I had been to a few of the open Mojo groups at the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre so I was familiar with the process, but I have found the business focused sessions suit me best for what I need at the moment.

I am a self employed masseuse, beautician and nail technician with qualifications in each field and I rent a `chair` at a local salon. One of the problems with this profession is that looking after your appearance is seen as an extravagance and as such it’s usually the first thing to drop if customers are feeling the pinch.

I am good at what I do and my regular clients tell me that I am the best in my field and yet I really struggle with getting referrals for new clients.

One week I drew two work changing question cards: “Who might use my services?”, this may sound obvious, but I had never asked myself! Honestly I think this question will transform the way I will focus my business. The second and critical question was “What are the benefits of the work I do?” I felt like I spent an hour considering possibilities during the Mojo Session and since then I have been brainstorming with friends and family.

I realize I have pigeon-holed myself by being tied to someone else’s business and opening hours. I love my job and the flexibility of being self-employed, I just need to work smarter, combine mobile work and have only two days salon based. A friend is helping me with a basic website to promote my mobile business, yesterday I picked up some very smart new business cards and I have overcome my reluctance to promote myself on Facebook by getting my sister to do it! Genius. Four new clients in the last week and I think they will all become repeat business.

I am recommending the Mojo Club to all my friends, it`s not rocket science, it just gives you the prod and the space to take control of the important stuff.