My Story by Zoe

I am really grateful to Mojo and delighted with the positive impact it has made

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My son Jack has complex special needs; we attended the 6 sessions offered free by Mojo Masters held in our community hub earlier this year.

Jack has difficulties with social interaction and even when encouraged rarely communicates more than a few words to strangers. Immediately he was fascinated by the talking stick and really liked having his button picked, I think he answered two questions in the first game, both relatively short but thoughtful answers. I myself found the first game interesting and thought provoking.

In the week that followed, Jack reminded me on a number of occasions that we were to return to The Mojo Club next Wednesday and in answering his first question 'what would I change today if I could' revealed that he thought one of his tablets made him feel sick and sleepy! I was astonished (and very sad) as I was previously unaware, but thrilled that he had divulged such an incredible piece of information. We saw our Doctor and she changed his medication, the difference was immediate, Jack`s appetite improved and he no longer needs an afternoon nap which has really transformed our family dynamic.

In later games I discovered that Jack loves camping, fishing and also cheering on his brother Joe who plays football on a Saturday morning. These nuggets of information have made a vast improvement to the relationship between siblings (and Jack`s Dad, a keen fisherman himself). We have also introduced 'a talking stick' at home which is used infrequently but followed with the same strict principles as in Mojo.

As I write this Jack and Joe are helping pack camping gear into the car and we are all excited about our weeks camping in Wales. I am really grateful to Mojo and delighted with the positive impact it has made to my family and to my relationship with my husband as we are communicating and supporting each other so much better.